Tutoring Policies

My current tutoring policies are simple and flexible since I try to make things as easy as possible for students while still being reasonable.
At any time, I may make changes to these policies (effective immediately), especially if I find that students are no longer respectful of my time. I will let current students know of any changes I make that may apply to them.

Last updated: January 15, 2024


  • The "tutor", "I", "myself", "me", or "my" refer to Laura Elizabeth Haitel
  • The "student" or "students" refers to the person(s) receiving the tutoring services
  • The "client" refers to the person who pays for the tutoring service (may be the same person as the student, or may be a parent/guardian)
  • "you" refers to the student and/or the client, as applicable

Tutor responsibilities

  • Arrive on time for the scheduled session
  • Provide all material for the session, if necessary
  • Prepare and deliver the tutorial session, based on the student’s needs, requests, and material/topics provided beforehand
  • Send the whiteboard notes and relevant practice problems with answers to the student after the session

Student/client responsibilities

  • Student: Arrive on time for the scheduled session
  • Student: Be proactive about his or her own education and actively involved in the session
  • Student: Provide the tutor with the topics and/or material for the session at least 12 hours in advance of the scheduled time
  • Client: Send the payment so that it is received before the student's scheduled session

Free consultation

One free consultation is offered per student. The main purpose of the consultation is for the student and tutor to meet each other and discuss tutoring needs and goals. The consultation usually lasts around 10 minutes, but may go for up to 30 minutes. The tutoring consultation can be booked by clicking here.

Scheduling and reminders

Sessions may be scheduled by booking an event via the booking calendar (preferred) or by email. You should receive automated reminders if you book through the calendar. Otherwise, no reminders will be sent. Currently, no payment is required to schedule a session/reserve a time slot.


Currently, you may reschedule or cancel a paid or non-paid session at any time, for any reason, without fees. If last-minute rescheduling becomes common, I may reconsider this policy. Rescheduling (or cancelling a time slot) may be done by emailing me or via a link in the booking confirmation email.
If I am not able to attend the session, I will let you know as soon as possible.

Being late

If the student arrives late to a session without notifying me beforehand that he/she will probably be late, the paid time elapsed since the beginning of the scheduled time is forfeit.
If I am late to the session, no time paid for by the student will be forfeited.

No guarantee

I am not able to guarantee good grades or other academic performance indicators, since it is the student who is ultimately responsible for his/her own education. I will, however, provide the student with the tutoring support and resources needed to succeed.

Academic misconduct

I am strongly opposed to cheating. I am not willing to nor may be obligated to complete a student’s work on his or her behalf. I do not help at all with quizzes, exams, timed assessments, assessments where the instructions prohibit asking someone for help, etc. I can provide guidance for lab reports, homework, etc., keeping in mind that work submitted for a grade should be the student’s own work.

Payment and rate

The standard rate is currently $45 USD/hr ($50 CAD/hr), subject to change at any time. The rate may increase for special services such as teaching rather than tutoring.
Payment must be received before the session begins, unless other arrangements are agreed upon. Currently accepted methods of payment: Interac e-transfer (CAD), PayPal (USD).
Unless other agreements are made:
*I charge only for the time spent with the student during a live session, rounded up to the nearest 5-minute increment (the "Being late" policy also applies)
*I do not charge for time spent preparing for the session
*I do not charge for answering quick questions via email.
I keep track of all payments made and all time spent with the student. I refund all unused time paid for when the student ends the tutoring service.

Discounts and offers

There are no current discounts or offers.
If multiple sessions are purchased in advance for a special discounted price and the student wishes to cancel some of the unused sessions for a refund, the non-discounted rate will apply for sessions already completed, and the remaining amount will be refunded.

Cancellation (ending tutoring)

"Cancellation" here refers to ending the tutoring service for a period of time (at the end of your course, during summer break, etc.)
I keep track of all payments made and time spent with the student and will refund any unused time paid for when the student cancels the tutoring service.
I reserve the right to decide to stop working with a student, for any reason. However, I have never done this before.

Suggestions, comments, questions, etc.

Please contact me.

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