Tutoring services

I specialize in tutoring organic chemistry for college and university students, as well as general chemistry and high school chemistry. I offer support for all aspects of your course, such as theoretical concepts, problem solving, and lab reports.

Sessions take place online via Zoom and a 2-way interactive whiteboard. I offer flexible availability for afternoon and evening sessions.

How it works

I prepare and organize the tutoring session in advance using the list of topics or material provided by the student.

After each session, I send the PDF notes from the whiteboard along with relevant practice problems and other resources.

I am also available between sessions for quick questions via email at no additional cost.

Tutoring method

My goal is to equip students to solve problems on their own, so tutorials are interactive and student-centered.

For each topic, I usually provide a concise review which includes tips, tricks, and step-by-step problem-solving approaches with examples.

Then, the student works through more practice problems with my guidance in order to reinforce the concept and ensure complete comprehension before moving on.

Invest in your education!

To get started with tutoring, please contact me or schedule a free consultation.

Standard rate: $45 USD/hr ($50 CAD/hr)
*Please read the tutoring policies for more information

How can tutoring benefit you?

Improve your grades

Gain confidence in chemistry and reduce exam stress;
Develop critical thinking and learn how to approach problems step-by-step

Use your study time efficiently

Save time and effort sorting through the material and trying to figure out where to start or what to focus on

Receive individualized attention

Get immediate feedback on your work

Get personalized support

Stay on track and progress at your own speed

Student Testimonials

logo for Laura Haitel's tutoring services

“Laura is a fantastic tutor. She is professional, prepared and committed to improving your understanding of the topic. I felt a lot more comfortable taking exams in organic chemistry after gaining the support of Laura, specifically spectroscopy. While many classmates dreaded spectroscopy questions, I looked forward to them, in large part because of the tricks and tips Laura provided.”

Organic chemistry 1
University of Calgary
(U of C CHEM 351)

logo for Laura Haitel's tutoring services

“Laura was very helpful! She walked me through each question, telling me what to look for. I really appreciated Laura's patience with me, as I asked a lot of questions and sometimes took a little while to understand a concept. Laura was able to accommodate my schedule, making sure I received the help I needed. Thank you Laura!”

Organic chemistry 1
University of Alberta
(U of A CHEM 261)

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Book a free consultation

The consultation is a meet-and-greet via Zoom. We can discuss any questions that you might have, as well as how sessions are typically set up and conducted. The consultation usually lasts about 10 minutes.